Friday, February 4, 2005


WOW! It has really been a minute since I have had the opportunity to let my hair down...or in my gele'. Thanks to the invite extended by George Sulmers (formerly of Rawshack) & my dear mother babysitting (Thanks Ma'), Count & I got to hang out last evening & party hearty. The Dap Kings went on after George's DJ set (who is known for his monstrous vinyl collection) & they tore the roof off that emeffin' club. Daptone labelmate, Sharon Jones was the featured vocalist...eye must report that sister-gyrl has soul unbound. Being that it is my blessed job to deal with known musicians on a daily basis through, it is a rare occasion that giddyness interferes with my ability to be "professional" & business-like. On this particular occasion, me & Mrs. Jones were inches away from straight kicking it because I was determined to be a part of that hanging out backstage groupie scene. It didn't happen quite that way because duty required us to cut the outing short. Anyway, handled your business. I want to extend a personal thanks for contributing to a wonderful time;-).


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