Friday, August 5, 2005

Who is the mastermind exec behind this product?

Can't you see your child being the envy of the entire school with this piece? Yeah, right.
Just when you think that commercial rap influence cannot get any more disguisting, somebody decides to kick it up another notch.
Feature description (from
Chuco, Mr. Frosty, Mr. Clean, and Mad B. Welcome to the world of "Homies", it is a place where we enjoy our Urban culture, wear baggy clothes, lowride our custom cars, and party hardy every chance we get. Us "Homies" have been around in the Latino southwest lowrider community for 20 years. Chances are you already know us, when you buy these toy figures, you will know that your Homies will always be there for you. Collect the whole neighborhood, and Homies will hang out in your home, where the party is at!

In search of a special b-day toy treat for Kana, these "Homies" caught my eye. On the website, they are actually listed as one of the best sellers. This is plain disguisting! No really. My stomach churns harder with every word typed. Does anyone know if this is an actual TV show or just a ploy to get money from Latinos who like Hiphop?

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