Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Battling this computer virus has taken more effort than originally expected. This
dag-blasted Bloodhound W32.EP is poking its nose into everything that we try to do
on this terminal. Mac – here we come! These PC’s are made for the kids – not for the
professionals. If anybody knows what needs to happen in order for me to exterminate
this virtual nuisance, please send the info to

This virus controls my keystrokes, documents, and browser - yowzers! (Couldn't
resist) This cyberspace-sickness even resets my background to the image of its

All of this havoc is making my job so much more challenging. Instead of typing the
editorial, eye must first jot down for fear of losing my copy. We are certain that
it will only be a few mornings before the cyber Hurst comes to claim the remains of
our third computer in seven years. My memory is short already, so it will likely be
only days before it is totally shot.

However, during these tedious tasks, we are going to keep those spirits high. Though
things are not all that we want them to be, we accept what we have.

This week, Michelle A. Whyte shares her perspective regarding VH1’s The Greatest: 50
Hip Hop Artists of All Time. We are offering you a chance to sound off & share your
list in our next issue.

Since IN THE KNOW is a little late due to the technical snags aforementioned, we are
including a treat with this week's issue. We are offering a free “Writehanded/IN THE
KNOW” Mp3 download for those who visit the listings. Feel free to save this IN THE
KNOW promo & share this ditty with all of your folks. Vocal Performer- Oriana lee;
Producer-Count Bass D - of course!

Something To Cope is now in labor. Dilation is at around three, so my artistic
concentration is steeped in the anticipation of the manifestation of my first book
complete ;-). Through we have executive produced many records, but
this is the first book/audio book attempt. The overall development process is very
similar to record manufacturing, but the nuances are pesky enough to stretch the
learning curve. Anybody know Quark??? HELP PLEASE!!!

Keep it movin' along! Be easy.


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