Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well here are the remnants of a post lost in cyberspace. Right when eye copied it (acting on a conscious nagging), this darn virus caused my browser to close. No matter. Eye smiled & thanked the creator for having me take the time. Then eye reopened the browser, returned to blogger, and...no dice.

In brief, my musing was a testiment to how eye cannot for the life of me excel in attempts related to: popcorn, pancakes & photography. Maybe another time we can explore these issues in greater detail. As for now, it is nearly 5 a.m. After typing a lengthy post & losing it, this sister is spent. Just know that eye plan to take another photography class soon, so maybe my photographic shortcomings will be resolved by the time we get around to the topic again.

On that note, eye have failed to mention that eye recently read on K. Danielle's blog that a friendly, familiar spirit has transitioned due to a tragic incident. An accomplished photographer, Nathan Burkett will be dearly missed. Peace Be Upon Him.


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