Monday, January 24, 2005

It's like the IN thing to put out a spoken-word cd in this era. Sonia Sanchez just dropped one. I haven't heard it yet, but if I had to take a guess at it I would think that it probably is not much different then the others. Correct me if I am wrong...but I say that because people overall seem to think that there is a "standard" sound to accompanies poetry. Because she is a legendary writer [first]...spoken-word performer [second] would hope that she would break this monotony associated with the genre. Hopefully she does. Eye know that I am going to be about it. EYE AM NOT A SPOKEN-WORD ARTIST! EYE AM A WRITER. The accompanied music to Something To Cope is truly a landscape for the musings...the backdrop for my literary ramblings...the thoughts & ideas of a generation reared in Hiphop.

"...ain't no slippin' goin' on."--Scorpio


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