Saturday, January 22, 2005


So much to say. So little time. I could really talk to you all day. I have been getting checks in talking since grade K. I am not quite certain why I don't blog as much as I think to, but I am making an effort to change that. It's a wonderful outlet!

"Who got a bidnet like that..."--Bishop Don Juan

I have been so slack in putting together the artwork for Something to Cope. I have been planning for it for nearly a year now. I am being really conservative about this project, which is why it's taking so long to complete. I am nearly at the end of my rope though. I am ready to call in a few favors and knock this thing out of the ballpark. Besides the fact that the music portion is not yet done, this piece is almost a wrap...except for the artwork. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I am overanalyzing to the point of confusion. I need a sudden push to move me past when I was forced to confront my fear of large pools of water at age 6. Too bad my ex-stepfather's not around to push me in this time.


I am enjoying the day. Lots has come out of it. Being productive...that's what I'm talkin' bout.


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