Sunday, October 3, 2004

For the past few months, I have been trapped in a growth spurt. I use the word trapped because I did not necessarily have to run the range of emotion that I have in order to grow, but I appreciate God's way of doing things nonetheless.

I am living out my dream.

I just returned from a vicarious vacation to Asia with Count Bass D. In order to fully simulate, the entire homeskool lesson plan for the past few weeks has been a comprehensive study of Japan. The children totally loved it! In all honesty, I did, too! Count went through some transitions of his own actually being in the mix and all. He says that he has never received so much love. I am so impressed by his happiness in doing what he loves. I will always support his efforts and encourage him to express his genius.

I am hoping to find comfort in completing the artwork for my book. I know--what book, right? On again. Off again. Well, that's not really it. There have been quite a few snags in the road. I hope to have my work in print by the first of the year. I need to make some sharp, snappy decisions about artwork in the upcoming weeks. I know that I don't want digital imaging, per se; but I do want professional. We'll see what happens naturally.

Please reach out and say hey. I'm above ground for a minute.



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