Sunday, December 26, 2004

Habari Gani! Umoja(Unity)!

Kwanzaa...the first day always sparks a new vibe. Feelings of togetherness...thankfulness. I am truly appreciative of family & friends on this evening. The Beatles say that "love is all you need", so in the name of Jesus I remain steadfast to the concept.

In spite of all of the love that we have shared this year, we are seemingly ending another year in financial vicegrips. We are trying to exploit the art in a way that will allow us to support our large unit. Things are so strange on that front. Doing that requires allowing Japanese groupies to help support us with pledges. It means that we have to accept handouts from anyone & everyone who respects the art for art's sake. No discrepancy. No matter whether the overall intentions are pure or not. We have babies to feed. Somehow that type of all out acceptance makes me uncomfortable still...

Please help us in this endeavor if you feel compelled. Visit and download a few new sounds from the listening station. If something moves you then contribute whatever you so desire. Follow the link on the page...

"Something to Cope" will definitely be released this year (remembering that there are no absolutes). I had hoped for an April release, but in the wake of sacrificing all for the art I have contributed my entire publishing fund. I consider it an investment. I only hope that the returns payoff. Past investments have left me cheated...high & dry. But as a gambler by nature I am risking it all this time hoping to hit it big.

Oddly enough...big money presented itself this week by way of a reality show opportunity. We concluded today that it would not be the best move. We would have an opportunity to possibly exploit the art for more funds, but not without sacrificing our integrity. NO, NO, $50,000 is worth our integrity. It's one of the few things that I am sure that I own that can't be repoed ;-). They can call me back when it's 5 million that's up for grabs (ha ha).

Peace be upon Reggie White & his family! Eye had the pleasure of worshipping with him on several occasions in my youth. He always came off as a cool fellow. It's a shame that his wife & children will have to go on without him. Hopefully love can carry them through. Please offer a prayer, word, or thought for them during this transitory period.

Thanks for your continued support! Reach out...



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