Sunday, March 28, 2004

The Reading

The journey to Indiana afforded a no nonsense drive, a warm reading environment, dinner at a pizza shack (no garlic on my dish of course) and late night effedra-fueled trek back to the Music City. Bean Street was a fitting backdrop for my writings. Really ecclectic. Both familiar & foreign; but snuggly & cozy nonetheless. The two opening readers set a perfect stage for my rhetoric. It was a fulfilling experience to say the very least. Thanks again to Mickey Hess & Indiana University Southwest (Hi Jackie!) for inviting me to share.

P.S. About the garlic--that reference is related to the sickness that I endure during pregnancy. I am taking this opportunity to publically profess the anticipated arrival of our 4th godchild. Like our first-born, this seed will be of the orbit Leo. We are likely to pull up the reigns for a while once this little person comes forth. As far as eye can tell, this will complete my germination period. According to holistic living, the theory about childbearing is that a woman is at her prime age, health, and fertility between the ages of 18-30. I conceived and delivered my daughter 6-7 years ago and this year marks 30 years in the game for me, so it appears that my cycle is complete. Eye find it appropriate to adapt this theory to my life because eye recognize that as a biological mother eye am 100% fulfilled.

Fastly approaching 30, it is clear to me that mothering, as it now exists, has hit a growth spurt. It is more broad than caring for children & their minds anymore, it also entails mothering my people & my person. Mothering my art. Mothering my writing. Mothering my health. Mothering my sensuality & sexuality. Mothering from the standpoint that it is my sole purpose rather than my fucking duty to please the world & some nigga in it. Mother as being and not labour.

Ahead of me, eye see 30. Today eye see the transformation that preceeds it.

Peace be upon her. Pernell Elizabeth Young Jackson. July 2, 1929-March 3, 2004.

"Thank you Granny for making me world-class."


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