Wednesday, March 4, 2009


If able to meet any five living persons in the world,
eye would meet...

1. Dad
2. Grandparents (if applicable)
3. Siblings (if applicable)
4. Dana Owens
5. Barbara Walters
(accused this week of causing a Twitter outage)

Actually, a biography about Ms. Walters propelled my love for writing. This is one of those "you would never guess it" facts about me. Still not sure if it was her story or great perspective by the book's author, but from that moment in second grade it was as if something was bestowed upon me bound to eventually come out in a book of my own. Sure wish eye could find that book in a library or at a used book sale just so eye can figure it all out. But thanks to those forces, Something To Cope will be available through Kindle Books. YEAH!! All digi-tal, baby!

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