Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We all know that sex between consenting adults is normal. No judgment here as to whether the participants should be married or not, that's a personal choice. What people decide to do specifically during their intimate moments, are, too, up to the individuals. But, when evidence of acts shared privately mysteriously 'go public', it can turn a loving moment into a 'freak' show.

As a person somewhat public, it makes me wonder just what COULD eventually turn up on the web. A high school photo of me surfaced out of nowhere this week. Even though eye was sure those pics died with New Jack Swing, unbeknowst to me, someone from my past was still holding on to the memory.

With that said, eye am curious to know who's leaking all of these private celebrity sex sessions to the public.

Is it a close friend? Family member? The help? Might the stars themselves be involved in some desperate ploy for media attention.

However it's going down, seems that such flicks & images are becoming increasingly more common. Keeping in line with America's double-standard, females are mostly the ones being exposed. With the exception of the ultimate PK, Ray J, who has constructed a whole new tier of fame from his well-publicized tape (so has his co-star), actresses and female MC's are among the most mentioned, and scrutinized.

Don't get me wrong, these powerful, public sheros have the right to do what they will behind closed doors (even with the tape rolling), but obviously need to be more conscious about what happens after the recording stops. Ladies, remember:

1. Take care.
No one can or will protect your 'private parts' or your image like you can. Make sure the people around you can be trusted.

2. Be safe.
Sexual temptation goes back to the original humans, but unlike those times, there is such a a disease called A.I.D.S. that takes no prisoners.

3. Be smart.
A night of fun caught on tape could end up diminishing your funds in the long run. Protect your greatest financial interest - Self!

After peeping around the net for "research" purposes (lol), someone looking on my computer advised me to remember to clear my history before eye loan it out for use. Good advice, too. After some of the images eye came across (after having to change my search filter from moderate), eye am certain my little men are not ready for even a small taste of Kelis' milkshake.


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