Friday, March 6, 2009


Karen Clark-Sheard is the BEST singer in the world. Pound-for-pound. Period.

Comes to me eye have written that here before. If so, then just consider this a reminder.

Our meeting this past July - completely divine ordering. Imagine tapping the first domino and watching every other domino fall promptly into place with no effort from you at all. Crazy like that.

Really though, as much as she had impacted my life through her music, and, especially the previous six months, eye always thought it better off not to ever have a spoken exchange. Of course, in this industry it was certainly possible we would cross paths, but eye never wanted to share more than a vibe...maybe a stare. (HA!) All coming from the school of thought that meeting would ruin the image, which would have ideally tainted the fantasy. That's all you have when you have not shared space with someone you admire. We cling to it for that reason.

Ironically, the experience was the total opposite. More pleasant and natural than ever imagined.

Eye am almost certain that my ex-step-father's mother took me to see the Clark Sisters live at a church in Philly around '80-'81. Not being able to confirm that with a family member is a clear examples of the detachments that occur when families breakdown. Stinks. Such is life.

As eye digress...whether or not we were reconnecting, or just current, it was a serious testament to the power of The Creator.

At that very church, eye first recall feeling the Holy Spirit. Tried to join the crowd of worshipers moving to the front of the church. Wow! Amazing how the past evokes as powerful an emotion as the future.

All eye can say - SHE. IS. THE. TRUTH.


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