Friday, October 10, 2008


For as long as eye can remember, Post-its have been clocking my dedicated dollars. Generic will not do. Stickies has to be one of my strongest addictions.

Eye use Apple stickies program faithfully. Then slap pink hearts filled with lyrics all over Macxie in additon. Small & large squares on walls, mirrors, desktops and cabinets. Multi-color notepads strategically placed all over the house for in my face to-do reminders. Sometimes eye even sticky notes onto my laminated organizing list.

This might just be out of hand, my friends. Just a tad bit obsessive. But for good reason. People get so frustrated when they borrow my laptop because the notes are everywhere but on the screen & keys. After an initial jolt of guilt, eye have to remember, they are borrowing MY with it.

Wonder if Post-it digital notes are worth the investment. Thinking about at least trying it before taking the plunge. Eye know myself enough to know that it will probably be added simultaneously with my paper treats instead of using it to truly eliminate & streamline all of the clutter.

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