Monday, June 5, 2006

What a wild wacky ride this day has manifested! Anyway...

Shouts to Pigeon John & Tre Hardson putting it down in the Cash tonight. Maybe baby woes keep me away from the intimate festivities. Still reppin' in spirit & truth. Count on a solo mission.

Our housing situation has come to a crossroad at the pit. Believe what you hear about record company industry rule 4080. Rather than submit to the politricks, choose the Ani Defranco route. All it takes is a lot of talent & a little dough. That's it, really. If you have the skills, who can stop you? The only thing that can slow you down is a lack of funds. Bullets are the only other antagonist.

For the first time in quite a while, work opportunities have afforded me the challenge of writing across disciplines simutaneously. Free & clear to boring & binding; scholastic essays to verse then copywriting. However tedious, expect victory. It would be arrogant to attempt to tame the dream. Writing was my vision. It's my duty to face it however it comes. Eye only ask that you send up a few words of comfort in the meantime. Most of these projects are approaching the eleventh hour. Whoa, Milly!

...(Off to play "Lord Help Me")


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