Sunday, June 4, 2006


Never mind that Black music dominates the charts each week of the year. No matter that the most substantial contributions in music history have come by way of African decent. (Think:Drums) Somehow, the American-African contribution mostly ends up reduced in a short, but concentrated period of time for recognition (i.e. Black History, Black Music, Kwanzaa), mainly pruning the true significance.

Of course, Dr. "Malauna" Karenga certainly had the best of intentions with Kwanzaa (originally Kawaida). No disrespect - at all. Thank you for your radical nature, Doc. It just seems minimizing to only demand focus one week of the year on African principles, seeing as spirituality at large stems from the cradle of civilization. We are going to have to move forward with like practices if we ever intend to restore any of the original harmony razed during the MAAFA. 30 years ago he took this leap in the right direction. Hiphop generation - Won't we demand our just due? But, hey...preaching to the choir...right?

Little Richard.

Words escape me. Trying to articulate how quickly my image of this great rock icon has been shattered in light of a schooling that eye just received on his personal it taint the reverence. More when the verbiage comes. Let it not denote the artistic endowment. Today the genesis of my indepth study into the life of the man self-proclaimed as the "architect of Rock n Roll", born Richard Wayne Penniman.


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