Monday, April 14, 2003

THEY [do not exist] : Lighten up, Oriana. You're always so heavy. So serious!

THEY [do not exist] who toss in two broken coppers: Smile. It cain't be that bad.

If not for my serious nature, I'm not sure that I would have such a distinct voice. If I didn't instinctly wear a weight of the world visor, I would very likely not have foreshadowed my career as both a writer & educator back in the 2nd grade. But make no mistake, homegirl loves to party! And party pumps my system when I revisit old school Hiphop jams that once screamed furiously from my boom box-- both before & during the Golden Era. Dual cassette, equalizer & high-speed know the deal. Cold-chillin on my grandmother's porch in the LL stance-- geared down in flea-market Cazels (Gazelle knock-offs), Member's Only windbreaker, gold nugget rings & hot pink fat laces that adorned my polished white Air Force Ones. I was Just 2 Much *my fly girl moniker. Back in the day, it meant everything to LIVE the culture, inside & out.

Back in the Days, a photograph book shot by Jamel Shabazz, is a top-notch representation of the memories that feed the nostalgic muse. Every single trend that Hiphop fpopularized in the 80's, from the cool pose to fashion, has been eloquently bound -- projecting the very funky fresh street charisma that now pervades mainstream. Introduction by Fab 5 Freddy. Essay by Ernie Paniciolli. One for the collection!


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