Sunday, April 6, 2003

IN THE KNOW...IN THE KNOW...yes eye am, but moreso on a global scale these days.

Originally, eye had every intention of resuming the weekly IN THE KNOW newsletter

regiment in January...but all truth be told, once the brainstorm hit realizations too fell.

Reasons for publishing IN THE KNOW:

1. To create a general awareness among the local American Afrakan community about

events that pertain to American Afrakan culture.

2. To challenge American Afrakans in Nashville to support events that will further grow

the community through means of economic, mental, spiritual & cultural elevation.

3. To provide a free community service as a direct means of "giving back".

Since initially publishing IN THE KNOW, more than one or two local calendars have regularly

begun to arrive in my Inbox. More websites with sections devoted to current local events

have also since come into existence. With that considered, IN THE KNOW, as you

know it, has been permanently suspended. Thanks for all of your support in meeting

these goals in a relatively short period of time. Please stay tuned for more musings...


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