Monday, April 21, 2003

NINA SIMONE, the high-priestess of soul, has made her transition back to the essence. Eye was never so blessed to see her in person, but through raspy emotion she made me know her spirit. My head-over-heels love for Nina Simone's music was born out of a Nikki Giovanni interview that eye read in the early mid-nineties. In the background, Giovanni had a poster of a woman that eye didn't recognize at the time. Considering my fanatic allegience to the poet, at that time, eye thought it best to find out who this was who so inspired her. Even now, memory recalls that photograph clearly. It must have been the power of her presence that reeled me in initially, but it was the magnetism in her vocal sway that made me a believer. "I'm Going Back Home" sends my limbs into a sanctified frenzy each listen. Today is no exception.

Sang Nina! Sing Eunice a deep, sweet lullaby. May she rest in peace! "Come ye"!


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