Friday, June 7, 2013

Salute - Nikki Giovanni

Stuck on Passion Felt
(Taken from Something To Cope (page 91)

Ms. Nikki pleasures me to a point
sharp enough to pare ecstasy from semantics, 
her candor takes sure advantage of my nature 
morning in/time again

Ms. Nikki makes me know how to love
a woman though it shole makes me mad uneasy 
the way she touches my soft spot with her tongue 
black feeling/black judgment

Eye fancy us sparkin’ to the art itself & ego-trippin’ 
long & hard/eye pause to nibble the form of her 
lexis from my kisser savoring the deep violet -
the iris inhales a delectable vision

Eye imagine sharing & musing about current events 
& all we see hidden on the backside of the bush 
fiery as the cig' that she drags right before reading 
in the cloud/she exhales sacred edibles

-Oriana Lee

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