Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Second single from the album, Coming Back A Champion (2013)

Produced by CrazyLazy Dave (Dirty Cabin)
Directed by Oriana Lee (Writehanded)


1 Timothy 6:10 (New International Version)
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Take cover droppin' thinkbombs with a classic touch/
passin' fashion passion blowin' all the cash up/
canadian bacon american blue cheese/
smell the sea breeze leakin' from the brain freeze/
getta better cheddar amerigo mash up/
taste foul but still smilin' all the while we cracking up/
massa got the whole world sick/
pickin' at the Jackson wounds then rubbin' in the Michael Vicks/
grace sufficient for the thorns in our flesh/
nevertheless, we restin' on a bed of distress/
turn my back on the crowd in Miles posture/
ain't nobody out there but posers and hawkers/
but well, the hey, fall off the pup/
foot back in the stirrup, leg over for the giddy up/
touring heaven on a supernatural plane/
90 minutes on horizon, a life full of earthly gain/
spillin' wisdom from my tongue as songs of solomon/
daughter of zion claiming unity and freedom/
treat yourself don't cheat yourself/
what we chasin' is paper, never mind the vapors/
mostly rock the hard locs today I sport the curly girly/
shirley had a temple but her fence wasn't pearly/
winning paul's races always run in asics basics/
multitaskin', lastin' action, fluid fast like lasix/
early to rise early to grind/
exercise my body then stretch my holy mind/
spend time in meditation, praise and relation/
devotion is the potion that oils my locomotion/
prophets see ahead so for free I drive a kia/
when funds are like tortillas I say tres ave marias/
come now missy hillie need to foot a bill or two/
with the cash in my stash need the ebt for food/
poetic freestyle, pile words a mile high/
club swag swig schwag advertise like fruit flies/
dance a natural rhythmism for the kids provisions/
light a pose strike a match burn night oil decisions/
that's where the bulk of income's coming from/
fill my inbox with money opps just to close on one/
put worldly matters first can only make it worse/
hilariously delirious materials made for sirius

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