Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For the first time in our 11-year homeschool history, the children & I attended a convention - Midsouth Homeschool Convention- centered around the way that we educate. More than anything, being around others who share our same learning ideals felt comforting & natural, in a way that we don't feel on the everyday. Generally, homeschoolers are regarded as weird or cultish, so being surrounded by thousands of homeschooling families was a chance for us to be "normal" for a change.

One thing I learned that would be of value to any parent with a high school student is that the PSAT (Preliminary Standard Academic Test) opens the doors to scholarships, unlike the ACT and SAT, which colleges use primarily for admission purposes. According to Jean Burke of College Prep Genius, if taken during the 11th grade year & well-scored, a student will have so many scholarship offers that they will be turning them down (she said she threw away 7 bags worth of offers for her son). I hope that someone reading will take this information and run with it, that a young person in your life might benefit.

Actually, I took quite a few great classes, such as:

*Challenging Children Through the Study of Real World Algebra
*Building a Homeschool Transcript
*Secrets of the PSAT and Getting Free College
*Parental Rights Amendment: Is It Necessary? Is It Dangerous? (Understanding the Constitution)
*Microbusiness for Teens
*Writing from Home

Younger children were unfortunately left out of the planning for the scheduled activities, but the young adults were able to take advantage of the WorldView Teen trac where my teen took classes, such as:

*Young Lady
*Preparing Young Ladies for their Teen-Age Years
*Dreams, Desires, Decisions
*Biological Organisms and Structures That Evolutionists Won't Show You (Dr. Jay Wile)
*Come and Listen, If You Dare! Etiquette for Teens
*What to Do With the Rest of Your Life: Clear Thinking on Calling and God's Will

The convention rounded out the knowledge with a little entertainment, as well, where popular comedian & homeschool parent, Tim Hawkins had the attendees rolling in the aisles. Here's one of his homeschool skits:

During my interview with the journalist from the Commercial Appeal, I explained that homeschoolers have as many social outlets through our various associations, as children in the public school system. From athletics, to honor socieites, to dances, proms and graduations - our children lack very little in outlets in comparison to the traditional student.

As journalists have been known to do, she took liberties with some of my comments & especially in reference to my disappointment about the lack of diversity. She quoted me as saying I was displeased with the lack of diversity in regards to African-America history, when in actuality I stated that I was most disappointed about the lack of American-African representation all together - from vendors to lecturers to curriculum. While impressed by the breadth of resources and information, I was terribly disturbed at the lack of cultural & ethnic diversity. There was an array of alternative-Christian lifestyle options (i.e. vegetarianism, Amish, holistic health, etc.) represented, but nothing specific to the minority.

However, there was a single class offered, by Ken Ham, based on his book One Race One Blood that touted what we Pan-Afrikanists have known for decades, which is that all humanity comes from Africa & African people. I hate I missed his lecture, but I guess if there was going to be any African-related content, then it's great that it was very fundamental information that needs to be understood by all people before we can truly begin to turn things around in this country educationally, historically, and racially.

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