Sunday, November 11, 2012


1) Oriana is ALWAYS spelled with one "n". This NEVER changes....EVER. If you get confused, just remember that "anna" is pronounced ann-uh, while "ana" is ah-na...the latter is accurate in my case...full pronunciation, Or-e-ah-na.

2) Lee is not my surname, rather what we call a "middle name", but what I simply use as my other name. Oriana + Lee are the two names specifically given to me by my grandmother, Oriana dually meaning "golden one" and "joy", while Lee means "poet" and was my grandfather's first name. Obviously, my Granny was very in tune when she choose my names. ;-)

3) I have not publically carried a slave name since 1994, though I am legally registered by my married name (Farrell). I am not a slave, so why would I use the erroneous name given to my ancestors by a slave master...this is my own personal perspective. Until I learn more definitively about my heritage, I will refrain from adopting any other surname, and will actually be legally changing my name to just "Oriana Lee" in the coming months.


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