Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Introduced to her awesomely "REAL" writings back in the day, by one of my bestest girlfriends, asha bandele continues to get me open. She's been on my radar again for the last few months since eye replyed to a tweet in which, writer (& much more) dream hampton shouted her out on her born day.

There exists just enough online content for you to do your history if you're not already hip, but seems sister could use a website to boutique her works and goings-on. Some of us are still anal url-ing. An artist of any kind not having a website is like being virtually homeless. Still, seeing it more than eye care to these days. Maybe eye can find a way to make a difference. Maybe...

Anyway, ended up checking the following two part video in the pursuit. One more cool point for asha. NO ONE is more of a sucker for the library than moi. Ha! Right? She's the real deal literary appeal.

Personal access to so many of the amazing, accomplished writers that have inadvertently mothered/fathered my style, absolutely BLOWS my mind! Dealing with short bursts of wanting to geek at times. Real talk.

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