Thursday, June 25, 2009


You deserve every scream, holler & praise anyone ever gave. Is this really the end? Friend through rocky times & the thrills. Too bad it's dangerous to kill. Feel like eye wanna ring somebody's neck? What the heck? Who knew he could do it to me, too? Love me. Leave me. Through.

My husband & eye turned our daughter on to the King of Pop at age three (along with the Beatles & Carole King). Since then, our love for him has grown beyond the neighbors fence & well into the community. Having been a major force in my musical upbringing (Mom got to see the Jackson Five in concert as a kid), the news of his transitioning hits me like that of a fond, yet distant uncle would. Saying that he will be missed is way too cliche'. So how about, never a day in World History will pass where somebody doesn't see his footage or think about his legacy and say, "Damn! Eye wanna' be like Mike!" That's right! American Afrikan royalty!

Thanks to the CREATOR for such a blessing as Michael Jackson (even with his flaws...we ALL have them.) His passing...HUMAN NATURE...

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