Monday, August 4, 2008


These days, the Baby Sun's compete for every infinite moment of Mama's waking when we're alone without the larger stars to distract their incessant frenzy. Tonight, they are in opposition to anything that moves me - mop included. Numerous failed attempts to sit them still led me to finally encourage their natural busyness. Music came to mind as an aid, so eye frantically searched my iTunes for a winner. "Eureka! Let's try Sesame Street."

Two songs displayed, "Sesame Street (Theme)" Bob McGrath - Bob's Favorite Street Songs - Sesame Street Theme & "1-2-3 Sesame Street" (Stevie Wonder).

After more than half an hour of repeat play, the lads are still entranced & singing as if they haven't heard this pairing ever before. As a benefactor of Jim Henson's brillance, my foyer tile & bathroom linoleum shine the Pine Sol glow. The smell of clean pervades our dwelling space. Fresh!

Ole' E[arth] anxiously prepares to welcome Jupiter into our evening (9:30 pm Central).

*Don't forget to cleanse your cosmological argument at the Annual Meteor Shower on August 12-13.

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