Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Just the other day, a longtime acquaintance crowned me the Queen of Multitasking. And while spreading myself thin is something that I've become known for over the years (no pun--save your Olive Oyl jokes), it is not a title or an ability that I proudly champion any longer. Take right now, for instance...my dutiful obligations for Tuesday, July 8 are as follows:

1. Wife

2. Mother

3. Educator

4. Writer-Revolutionist

5. Co-Manager (Music Business)

6. Publicist (Music Business)

7. Booking agent (Temporary-see below)

Where do I find the time? Quite frankly, I am adding seconds/minutes/hours to each & every day. Sleep? HA! I may complete one cycle of REM. Maybe! But you know what, sleep is overrated. I'm sure that I'll have plenty of time to catch up when the creator marks my transition. Na' mean. Word up. But in the meantime, I do hope to shed some of these layers in order to commit more time to my artistic presence. To writing. Writing, period. Period! Plus the other three headers on my list. Yeah, 4 full-time gigs. I can dig it!

BTW- Any takers for the other 3 jobs? All professionals please inquire here.


Reputable Hip-hop artist/musician/producer Count Bass D is currently organizing a tour to promote his third critically acclaimed release, Dwight Spitz, and his forthcoming release, BEGBORROWSTEEL. Count Bass D is available for one-nighters, multiple-night engagements, festivals, conferences, national and international tours. To schedule bookings, promoters and agents should contact Oriana lee at 615-210-8408 or e-mail oriana@countbassd.com. Visit http://www.countbassd.com to learn more about Count Bass D.


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