Wednesday, July 10, 2002

For those of you who have come up against the challenges of getting in contact with me over the past few weeks, I have been

in the studio woodshedding this recorded project o' mine to perfection. I'm back in the swing of things for a week or so.

I will be in the office laboring- PR work, returning calls & actually answering the tele for a change [gasp], responding to back e-mails, attending meetings, ITK, negotiating, haggling, scheduling, booking & personal writing, all in between family time.

I'm breaking out into a sweat just thinking about the pile of work that requires me to park my narrow tail in one place for too way long. Notwithstanding, I withhold all complaints & instead glorify the most high, for I am living out my dream.

I encourage you all to live out your dreams. Use your God-given ability to create change in your own lives. Heed to the whispers

of the universe! Live love!


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