Tuesday, May 14, 2002


Nashville is hosting a slew of cultural events this week, including the Black Enterprise Conference, a number of theatrical performances, & quite a few events to keep the youngsters entertained. IN THE KNOW has also begun listing urban-related events from other major cities, as to connect our people throughout the states. Please continue to forward the newsletter to everyone you know & feel free to print the listings directly from the site.

This week's commentary comes to us from Donna Jo Warren, Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor of California & Dr. Jonathan

Farley, Green Party candidate for US Congress in Tennessee. You might remember Dr. Farley's commentary on Fisk University a few issues back. Ten years after the Rodney King & the L.A. Riots, "Four White Policeman" encourages us to question the welfare of American Afrakans since 1992.

Attached to the newsletter is a flyer promoting an upcoming event in which I will be participating. Please come out & support!

Thanks for your continued support!


--Oriana lee

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